A Prayer of a Dichotomous Person

This is another thing I want to start doing. I hope someone reading these can relate to certain prayers I have put to paper as well as creative writings that I’ve done.

This is the prayer I wrote immediately after penning A Dichotomous Life. If you haven’t read it, I recommend checking that out first.


You have gone before me.

I wish I could walk as freely as I’m meant to in that.
Help me.
Help me to walk closer to You,
to rest in knowing:

You are there. Right here by my side as I put pen to paper.
You have changed my life so much already.

Don’t let that stop now.
Let me be continually transformed by Your grace,
by Your word.

I pray today my thoughts would be of You,
of how far we’ve come.
Not of how far I’ve to go.

Let me continue to see the beauty
of this life.


penned August 8th, 2018


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